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Crush Your Food Wastes ! Cherish a better World !

Crusher is a food waste disposer from Sharp, a brand renowned for motors and pumps worldwide. Crusher ensures zero waste management system at both domestic and commercial environments.

Produced to perfection, Crusher eliminates food waste and brings in a hygienic environment. Crusher could handle various food wastes including meat bones in a matter of seconds. Crusher can efficiently grind food waste into tiny particles that can be simply flushed down the kitchen drain into a drainage pipe or the waste treatment plant.

Crusher can be easily fitted under the sink in a discreet manner without affecting the look and feel of your facility. Crusher has been developed to meet stringent industry standards, while taking cost-effectiveness into consideration.

Crusher Food Waste Disposer - The Indigenous Waste Crusher

Quick to fix,
compact to handle and
efficient to operate!

Indigenously designed and developed by Point Industries, Crusher has cutting-edge technology mechanism to crush food wastes in considerably less time, utilizing less electricity and clearing blocks to ensure free flow of water and hygienic kitchen. The product is designed to ensure easy handling and efficient operation.

Crusher Advantages